We didn’t create the official guide to Lithuania. But it’s going to feel like we did.

Designer crafted infographic will come in handy when finding a way to and around Lithuania. Made with love by zazu.tv

We started with a problem

Usually you have to go trough number of different websites, try variety of apps and if you’re lucky to read a boring news-paper like travel brochure that someone gave you ages ago.


Bringing great ideas to life.

The main problem still is that a very few sources have eye-catching travel info. That is why we have committed to craft a one-stop shop for a person looking for his/her next travel destination.


We enjoy the process.

It all started in January 2014. It took us six-months to come up with a finished infographic and it’s online presence. Since it is a non-profit studio project we value our time and creative freendom. That is why each icon and every illustration is crafted with love.


Team work is the key.

Go to Lithuania project wouldn’t be as successful without people at zazu.tv who dedicated their time and creativity. We are always welcome people who are interested and who want to become a part of this project.


Ambitious future.

Today our goal is to use different types of media to create a traveler’s guide that would set Lithuania apart from other countries


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